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By guest, Nov 24 2015 05:55PM

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Aug 23 2016 05:11PM by Jauy

I first started using Natures Gold when I met the owner of this blog while she was having her car repaired at our shop. She told me about Natures Gold and I thought, sure, sure. She gave me a sample to try and OMG, I couldn't believe it. I applied it to my arthritic shoulder and within about 1 hour my shoulder was PAIN FREE. I purchased the large jar and use it every day. I am pain free in both my shoulder. I LOVE this stuff!!!! MY number is 561-848-6994. I'll answer any question you may have. This stuff WORKS!!!!

May 3 2018 03:24AM by CArol

How long does shipping take?

Oct 9 2018 06:55PM by Laureen

I’m looking to purchase more but what I have is old and called natures gold. Is natures gold 2 different?

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