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A guide to Nature's Gold 2 application

Know How to Treat Pain with Nature's Gold 2

At times, the pain you feel is known as referred pain. This kind of pain is felt in a part of the body other than its actual source.


Experiment a little to find the true origin of pain. If Nature's Gold 2 Pain Relief is not seeming to work. It should only take a sparingly amount to eliminate the pain you're experiencing when applied to the source.


Please read below for the guide.

Broken bones: Aids in the healing of broken bones and connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

Neck pain: Apply to the back and sides of the neck from the hairline, into the hair over the upper spine and across both shoulders.

Shoulder Pain: Apply over and under the shoulders and upper spine.

Headaches and hangovers: Apply to the temples, forehead, lower sinus area, closed eyelids, back of neck and hairline and across both shoulders.

Back pain - upper: Apply to neck, across both shoulders, and down spine to find source of pain.

Back pain - lower: Apply all around the lower back, spine, and over both hips to find the source of pain.

TMJ: Apply ointment to both sides of the face including under jaw line, up to the temples, and behind the ears.

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Be mindful of region-specific applications

Toothaches: Apply externally to the skin around the affected area while including the neck and behind the ears.

Varicose veins: Apply daily over the affected area. It may take several months to see full results.

Bone spur: Apply over the immediate area and pain should disappear immediately. With continuous use the bone spur will dissolve.

Skin problems: Burns, rashes, bee stings, bruises, dry skin, scars and stretch marks. Apply over the affected area for immediate pain relief. Repeat application for rashes, scars, and stretch marks.

Muscle pain and spasms: Apply over the immediate area of spasms.

In-grown toenails: Apply the ointment on the toe area; cover the toe with a Bandage for several hours. This will soften the area, draw out the pus and reduce swelling. Remove the bandage and cut the toenail.

Foot and hand pain: Apply over the foot or hand even if the pain is localized to one spot.

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