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      Arthritis Pain, Back Pain, Bee Stings, Bone Spurs, Broken Finger & Toe    Pain, Bursitis Pain, Burns, Carpal Tunnel, Congestion, Cramps, Fibromyalgia Pain, Foot pain, Hangovers, Headaches, Hemorrhoids, Herniated Disc Pain, Joint Pain, Knee pain, MS Pain, Muscle Pain, Neck Pain, Painful Swelling, Rheumatism Pain, Rotator Cuff Pain, Sciatic Pain, Sinus Pain, Sports Pain, Sunburn, Skin Rashes, Strained Muscle Pain, TMJ Pain and much more.

                                   What is Gold Pain Relief ?

           Nature's Gold Pain Relief is a wonderful herbal remedy, originally home made and hand poured in Pennsylvania by the Weigand Family. Nature's Gold Pain Relief is an herbal- infused oil based product that's partially hydrogenated  for ease of application and immediate deep tissue penetration.

The herb is Comfrey.  "Comfrey" has a 2,400 year old recorded history of pain relief.  It was also classified as one of the first medical herbs by the Greek Physician Dioscorides, in 400 BC.

There are numerous recorded uses of Comfrey in Europe and Asia over  hundreds of years. The American Indians called the herb "knit bone" and used it to reduce swelling and relieve pain.  It also aided in speeding up the "healing" of broken bones and connective tissue. We have found no recorded serious side effects with the topical use of Comfrey.  Thousands of folks have successfully used, Nature's Gold Pain Relief with similar positive results. 

There is nothing in Nature's Gold Pain Relief except the Herb comfrey, soybean and cottonseed oil. There is no animal fat, no artificial coloring or other artificial ingredients, and, no drugs. Nature's Gold does not heat you up or ice you down. It has no medicine like smell. It just goes on locally where applied, reduces internal swelling and soothes irritated tissue. Users say it does it fast and  lasts a long time.



Here is what some of the people

that use Gold Pain Relief have to say

RALPH L., TAMPA, FLORIDA ~ Last year I couldn't do my job as an air conditioning contractor because of disabling arthritis pain in both knees. Nature's Gold Pain Relief has eliminated the pain. I'm working today and I'm pain free. Nature's Gold Pain Relief  is a wonderful product.

NOLA R., ALLISON PARK, PENNSYLVANIA ~ I have arthritis throughout my whole body, especially in my back and knees. Nature's Gold Pain Relief is great stuff. It got me moving again without pain

MARK H., TRENTON, OHIO ~ My wife suffered unbearable pain over her whole body for years because of Fibromyalgia. She now uses Nature's Gold Pain Relief and is pain free. Thank GOD for Nature's Gold Pain Relief

                         APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS

The location where pain is felt may not be the point of origin of the pain. This is especially true with back pain. Experiment a little to find the origin of the pain. The writer's L4/L5 disc is herniated. He felt the pain in the left cheek of his buttock and down his left leg. He could put five pounds of Nature's Gold on his buttock and leg and the pain would not go away. But apply a few drops over the L4/L5 disc and the pain disappears.

Back Pain, Upper: Apply to neck, across both shoulders and down spine to find source of pain.

Back Pain, Lower: Apply all around the lower back and spine and over both hips to find the source of pain

Bone Spur: Apply over the immediate area. The pain should disappear immediately and with continued use the bone spur will dissolve.       

Foot and Hand Pain: Apply over the complete foot or hand even if the pain seems to  be localized to one spot.

Headaches and Hangovers: Apply to the temples, forehead, lower sinus area, closed eyelids, back of neck to hairline and across both shoulders

Knee Pain: Apply over the whole knee front sides and back.

Muscle Pain and Spasms: Apply over the immediate area of spasms.

Neck Pain: Apply to the back and sides of the neck from the hairline or perhaps into the hair over the upper spine and across both shoulders.

Shoulder Pain: Apply over and under the shoulder and part of upper spine.

Skin Problems: Bites, bee stings, bruises, burns, rashes. dry skin, scars and stretch marks. Apply over the affected area for immediate pain relief. Repeated application will be needed for rashes, scars and stretch marks.

TMJ: Apply ointment to both sides of the face including under jaw line, up to the temples and behind the ears.

Toenails, In Grown: Apply the ointment on the toe area, cover the toe with a Bandage for several hours. This will soften the area, draw the pus and reduce swelling. Remove the Bandage and cut the toenail.

Toothaches: Apply externally to the skin area over and around the affected area to and including the neck and behind the ears.

Varicose Veins: Apply Ointment daily over the affected area. We have seen many examples of varicose veins disappearing over several months of application.

Caution: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY...... DO NOT APPLY OVER A DEEP WOUND........... The herb in NATURE'S GOLD will accelerate cell growth and could cause healing from the outside in and leave and abcess. PLEASE CONSULT PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING.

                       All you have to lose is the pain                 

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